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Final testing is in process.  Please contact sales if you would be interested in obtaining a pre-release version.

Please check back frequently.  We are currently building our site.

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Trust Accounting
Made Simple!

I want more information about your Trust Accounting. Where should I go from here.

We highly recommend you download the demonstration / free trial.  This is the actual product.  When you purchase a license, we send you registration information that makes all licensed features operational. There is no need to re-install the product unless you plan to use it on a different machine.

How do I get support?

The primary method of support is by e-mail.  We have found this method to be effective and allow us to provide free support.

There is a limitation on support in that we do not provide legal advise.  We have designed our Trust Accounting system to be in compliance with the regulations of the California Department of Real Estate and the Business and Professions Code.  If you follow an interpretation of the code that is different from ours we will attempt to provide your interpretation as a configuration option.

Please see the license agreement regarding guarantees.

Is Training Available?

Currently the documentation and on-line videos are available and included with the product.  We will offer on-site training at an additional cost by appointment and private quotation.


This item to be completed next.


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